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Developing transferable skills with the RED Programme

Cyrus's Story

The best piece of advice Cyrus, a 24 year old Emergency Response volunteer from Dundee, received was from a retired firefighter who was a fellow volunteer: “In an emergency never run, always walk.”

Cyrus has volunteered with the organisation for nearly a decade, starting in Event First Aid in 2021 with a break for studying at university, however he returned to the organisation to help put his skills in to practice. Cyrus is now an operational team leader helping to deploy teams to assist in emergencies. As well as ensuring his team is well-trained, he also makes sure the kit and vehicles are maintained and ready for deployment. During the pandemic Cyrus, and his team, were kept busy responding to the appalling winter weather assisting nurses to visit homes for administer Covid-19 vaccinations and transporting community careers to their workplaces. 

Volunteering for the British Red Cross has helped Cyrus gain amazing skills that helped in his application to medical school as well as building situational awareness, communication skills and presentation skills. The RED programme helped Cyrus to identify the transferable skills he gained whilst volunteering which can be applied in his medical career.

The RED programme is a three tier accreditation scheme, designed with the help of young volunteers to encourage, retain and develop skills in young volunteers. Initially a certificate to Recognise the achievement of volunteering the scheme moves on to Empower young volunteers by assisting them to identify and measure competencies, skills and knowledge they have gained through volunteering. The final stage is designed to Develop young volunteers ethical leadership skills. The scheme is open to all young volunteers within the organisation.

Developing transferable skills with the RED Programme


A range of transferable skills gained through the RED programme helped Jake succeed in his application to medical school.

Developing transferable skills with the RED Programme

Developing transferable skills with the RED Programme

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